26 July 2022
Newly Launched “Information Hub” for Indicators and Best Practices on Circular Economy

As part of the joint activities under the G20 Resource Efficiency Dialogue, an “Information Hub” page has been launched to disseminate the status and actions on circular economy and resource efficiency of G20 members. The page will provide the latest indicators, targets and good practices of each member country. More information can be found at the link below.

28 Mar 2020
G20 Resource Efficiency Dialogue website is now available

At the third meeting of the G20 Resource Efficiency Dialogue held in Tokyo, G20 members and outreach countries reported on their actions and progress related to marine plastic litter and resource efficiency. This was the first opportunity for members to give their reports based on the “G20 Implementation Framework for Actions on Marine Plastic Litter" which was agreed and endorsed at the 2019 G20 meetings.